TEMPISH company was established in 1994 so this season, we celebrate 25 years of experience in the fields of development and trade of sport equipment both in the Czech as well as global markets. Since its establishment, the company has devoted itself to the production and wholesale of sports goods which the company introduces on the market under its own brand name TEMPISH. The main products are inline skates which TEMPISH company delivers to more than 40 countries in the world. The substantial expansion of the collection came in 1999 when TEMPISH company added ice skates and accessories to its offer. In the following years, the assortment was further expanded by scooters and skateboards. Currently, the company cooperates with the best Czech floorball teams and devotes itself more and more to developing of top floorball equipment. The main goal of TEMPISH company is to develop high-quality sports equipment that will be affordable to the wide public. In last few years, the company has been putting emphasis on developing and testing its products by professional sportsmen who are used to the best sports equipment. This trend pushes all products of TEMPISH brand much further. To our satisfied customers belong professional racers as well as roller-skate beginners. The development defines our racing collection, experiences and innovations are then expressed in our other products. We want to offer the people who put their trust into TEMPISH roller-skates the best possible value.